Mysubbuteo Polishing Cloth “Fine” & “Coarse”

Premium quality 28x28cm cloths designed to enhance the performance of your bases.

With zig zag edges to prevent your figures catching on stitching.

Two types available, a fine textile (white) and a coarse felt (yellow) to match individual polishing styles.

The cloths are untreated and can be used with the polishing product of your choice.

Price £3 per cloth or both for £5!

Mysubbuteo “Wallet”

Our revolutionary Portable Polishing Sustem, contains a premium quality 28x28cm cloth designed to enhance the performance of your bases. It is neatly folded inside, ready to be deployed at no time!

Also included, a polishing pad in plastic case. Once dabbed with the polishing solution of your choice, the pad will remain wet for up to 5 days.

The Wallet is a must for the international player as it can be taken aboard a flight in your pocket or inside you hand luggage  without the complications other liquid solutions may create during security checks.

Price: £9.75 Now £5.99!

Swiss Glide

The original Swiss-made professional polish in handy 30ml bottle with pump action cap, exclusively distributed by MySubbuteo.