The Swann Morton Retractaway is a sleek graphite finished handle offering the added safety of a retractable-blade mechanism.
It is designed with safety in mind, and is easy to load. 
It can be used with standard scalpel blade No's 10, 10A, 11 or 15.
This item comes with one  No 10A blade
Price: £4.99
Scalpel replacement blades 10A
Price £0.75/pack of 5
High-quality stainless steel precision Straight ESD tweezers that are anti-static, anti-magnetic and anti-stick, with an anti-corrosion paint coating. In 4 different designs.
Price £1.50 each
Precision Wire Cutter 
to remove figures from sprue or shorten the peg
Price £3.00
Pack of Emery Paper Cards 70X110mm  400/800/1000/1200 
Price £2.00
Fine Embroidery Scissors 
for cutting decals or disks
Price £3.00
Micro Emery Boards pack of 4. Double sided, great for removing the sprue from your figures
Price £1.00
Customised ESD Tweezers with padded ends and wide opening to hold 22mm tournament balls for easier decal application.