Lightweight Figure

Reproduction of the classic 80s figure, arguably one of the best figures ever made. With standard plug to fit to all modern bases.


Height (not including peg): 22.4mm

Overall height (including peg: 27mm

Peg diameter: 3.2 mm

Width (measured in the extend of the arms) : 11.5 mm

Weight: 0.28 g

Historical information:

This type of figure has been produced by various manufacturers over the past 30 years.

The first type was made by Waddington (Subbuteo) between 1981-1996

The second type was produced by Hasbro between 1996-2001.

Also, independent manufactures, predominantly from Italy have produced variations of the type that can be found on the market.

Our figure, is much finer, moulded with great care with cleaner lines, almost no flash or runner points and without defects such as little holes in the chest/abdomen area that can be found in many other versions of the lightweight figure. It is ideal for handpainting and  modern competitive play as its overall size is better matched to the slimline modern figures such as the 2k4 or the AL1 type.

Lightweight Bases

Reproduction of the Classic 1980s bases, great for collectors or people who like traditional table soccer and curling.

Each Base consist of 3 parts: Base, Disk and Weight.

Assembly is simple, the weight goes inside the base and the disk clips on top. No glue is required.

All modern figures will peg will fit but it is best to use the classic 1980s lightweight figure.

Price: £0.45 each

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